Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Core-to-Core Program

Research and Education Network on coastal ecosystems in SouthEast Asia (RENSEA)


Planned activities

Joint seminar and meetings

Planned activities

Joint seminar including all research groups and collaborating countries will be held once a year (tentative order of Malaysia, Philippine, and Japan). National Coordinator-Group Leader meetings and group meetings will be held as required.

Research collaboration will include those within group, between/among groups, and with other projects. Tentative topics include: ecosystem modeling in coastal areas (by G1 and G2H); habitat mapping of coral- and sea-grass areas (G1 and G2M); taxonomic studies of major ecosystem components (G2F, G2P, G2B); harmful algal blooms (G2H); status of chemical pollution (G3).

Collaborative research

Education of young researchers

As a part of collaborative research, young researchers (including graduate students) will be invited to laboratories of Japanese collaborators for advanced analytical techniques, as requested. Training courses will be held on biodiversity (e.g. fish, benthos, plankton) as required.