Establishment of Research and Education Network on Coastal Marine Science in Southeast Asia (COMSEA)
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Asian CORE Program                    


The seminar: "Risk Assessment of Mercury and Other Heavy Metals to Coastal Communities in West Kalimantan: 2010-2012"
(29th-30th May, 2012 at
West Kalimantan Government Building)

This is a seminar held under a three-year (2010-2012) project “Risk Assessment of Mercury and Other Heavy Metals for Coastal Communities in the West Kalimantan Waters”by LIPI and West Kalimantan Government. The purpose of this project is to assess the status of the pollution in coastal area by metals, especially by mercury, because traditional gold mining is still continued in this area, and it may release mercury, used for gold extraction, to the environment. About 50 participants including researchers and administrators had a lively discussion using both Indonesian and English.  In the first session of the seminar, Dr. Zainal Arifin of LIPI, who is also the Indonesian national coordinator in ACORE-COMSEA and Dr. Mutiara R. Putri of Institut Teknologi Bandung presented the outline of the activities in the first two years. In the second session, “An Overview of the Present Research for Monitoring and Assessment of Marine Pollution in Coastal Waters in Japan and Malaysia”, Prof. Ahmad Ismail of Universiti Putra Malaysia and Dr. Koji Inoue of The University of Tokyo introduced their research activities under ACORE-COMSEA as invited speakers.

Prior to the seminar (on 29th May), Drs. Ahmad Ismail and Koji Inoue visited Mempawah, northwest of Pontianak, where water and sediment sampling was carried out by the Indonesian team. It was very impressive to see huge amount of red-colored river water spreading widely to the sea, which means the components of river water may be transferred to far offshore. Thus, the importance of the pollution survey of this area is obvious.


  Prof. Ahmad Ismail's presentation in the session 2.   Chartered boat leaving the jetty at the river mouth near Mempawah.